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It was announced today by John Jack Rodgers, the Executive Director of the Stella Adler-Los Angeles, that the academy and theatre has formed a new professional theatre company called the Stella Adler Los Angeles Theatre Collective. The theatre company will be comprised of Stella Adler Los Angeles alumni, which Rodgers will serve as the Collective's Artistic Director. The inaugural season will begin March 19, 2010 with THE CHARM OF MAKING, a world premiere play by Collective member and Award-winning playwright Timothy McNeil (Anything - 2007 LADCC Best Play) and directed by Collective member and Academy Award-winner Milton Justice (The Day I Stood Still - U.S. Premiere).
Stella Adler Los Angeles Theatre Collective members include Charlene Amoia, Sean Astin, Clifton Collins, Jr., Carly Craig, Benicio Del Toro, Milton Justice, Laura Leyva, Timothy McNeil, Jim Parrack, Rick Peters, John Jack Rodgers, Mark Ruffalo, Holland Taylor, Gary Ross, Christopher Thronton, Hillary Weaver and Matthew Weaver.


I'm sooo excited for Sean having the opportunity to act on stage!

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Date: 2010-02-26 10:31 pm (UTC)
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Being a member of the collective doesn't mean he'll act on stage, does it? I thought they were the financial backers, or something. But I don't know, really.

It's fun to see names of the other members of the collective, too.

I'm glad he's involved. If he does do a play, maybe I will be able to go see him in it.

Thanks for the info.


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