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Sean makes an audio appearance in the latest IRrelevant Astronomy video: "When Galaxies Collide."

The video also stars Felicia Day of "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" fame!

And did you know about this latest project????

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Sean Astin stars as Dr. Sean Astin in "Part Two: The Warm Mission," now available on Youtube, or for download in 720p from IRrelevant Astronomy!

Warning: Character death!!! *giggles*


Senior vice president, Playhouse Disney Worldwide, Nancy Kanter said: "'Special Agent Oso' has launched stronger and faster than any preschool series in our history -- not just in the U.S., but around the world. This wonderfully playful, energetic series is all about problem solving, with endearing Oso enlisting kids at home to help solve the everyday problems of preschoolers everywhere."

Astin said: "I'm so proud of this show, especially because my kids have connected with it and that makes me cool in their book. I can't wait to start recording Oso's new missions for the second season with our fantastic technical team and my incredibly talented castmates."

Since its April 4, 2009 premiere, "Special Agent Oso" has been TV's #1 program in its daily timeslot, defeating Nickelodeon by 41% among Kids 2-5 (628,000 vs. 444,000). In addition, the series delivered Disney Channel's most-watched telecast ever in the timeslot on May 14, and on June 13 the series delivered TV's top two rated telecasts among kids 2-5 for the day.

Full article here.


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