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Ray Bradbury's "Leviathan 99" is now available for purchase from the California Artists Radio Theatre as an MP3 download for $14.99 or on CD for $20. The purchase price is tax deductible!

"Leviathan 99" was recorded on May 3 and stars Sean Astin, William Shatner, Norman Lloyd, Samantha Eggar, Richard Herd, Walter Koenig, H.M. Wynant, Robert Legionaire and Sky McDougall.

I'm downloading the mp3 now!
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Sky McDougall, co-producer of the California Artists Radio Theatre, posted a number of pictures from the May 3rd radio drama adaptation of Ray Bradbury's "Leviathan 99," starring Sean and William Shatner.

Watch in slideshow mode for best resolution. There are some nice shots of Sean!

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A little write-up of Leviathan 99 can be found here, with a couple of pics that include Sean.

Here's one of them to whet your appetite. :)

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Famous movie critic, Leonard Maltin, was present at the radio drama production of "Leviathan 99" last Sunday. Here is his review. Be sure to click on "More" for the pic of Sean and more details. Please note that the full story will move to the journal page as new entries are added, and eventually to the vault.

"The two performers [Sean Astin and William Shatner] were in perfect synchronization and it was a joy to watch them work."
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Cookiefleck was exceedingly fortunate to attend the performance of "Leviathan 99" on Sunday, and to have the opportunity to talk with Sean afterwards. See her report and great pics here.
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This is a community for Sean Astin fans to share news, pics, icons and discussions of Sean and his activities.

All are welcome to join and post, but please stay on topic and be polite!

For the first bit of news, today Sean is doing a live stage production of Ray Bradbury's "Leviathan 99" produced by the California Artists Radio Theatre, at 2:30 p.m., Writers Guild of America Theater in Beverly Hills. The show will be available later for purchase as an mp3 download.

Note the link to the 2009 Calendar of Events in the link list. I update that regularly on my LJ account.


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